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Wedding Photography - Frequently Asked Questions

How will I get my photos?
Your photos are delivered via online transfer but I can also supply a USB with all your photos on if you prefer.


Do I get any of my wedding photos in black and white?
Yes you do. I provide you with 4 versions of every photo – high and low-resolution, both in colour and black and white. The reason I give low-resolution files as well as high is so that they can be sent to friends and family easier than the larger high-resolution files.


How long until my wedding photos will be ready?
Your photos will be ready within 4 weeks after your wedding day, but often its much sooner - approximately 2 weeks. During the busy times of the year, it may be towards the upper end of my estimation but generally I like to edit them as soon after the wedding as possible.


Do you use Photoshop to change your images?
I rarely use Photoshop to alter images, as I like to keep them as natural as possible. I do use Lightroom, which is software similar to Photoshop, but only really to crop, lighten/darken or tweak certain images. If I have the camera set up to take the photo correctly in the first place, then this massively reduces the need to alter images in post-production.


What can I do with my wedding photos once you have delivered them to me?
I will remain the owner of all of my photos at all times. I give you a licence to print and share the photos with family and friends as many times as you like. This is to prevent my work being used without my permission.


How long is the All Day coverage?
I turn up to the bridal prep about 2 hours before the ceremony takes place; this gives me plenty of time to capture the tears before you've even left the room! If you are getting ready at the same venue as you are getting married, I will take advantage of this and go around taking photos of your wedding venue empty. I stay with you all the way through into the night and I will only leave once I have got all the photos I need to give you a perfect set of memories. This is usually around 8:30pm, but it may be later or earlier. In total, I will be with you for approximately 8.5 hours, depending on what time your ceremony is.


Why do you say approximately for coverage and the amount of photos I will receive?
The reason I say this is because every wedding is different. If I said you are going to 100% get 500 photos from the All Day package and your wedding only had 20 guests, there were no speeches or first dance, then getting 500 photos would be very difficult to achieve. I'd rather give you good photos not ones just to tick a quota. For coverage lengths, it's a flexible time because sometimes weddings are unpredictable. Most of the time I finish within 20 mins of my expected end time but that flexibility ensures that if things do get delayed, I will be there to capture them.


What do you do to make sure my photos are safe from data loss?
Unfortunately data loss isn’t a matter of if, but when. Because of this, I back everything up at least twice. Even the cameras I use stores the data onto two separate memory cards. Once home, your photos are transferred onto 2 external hard drives which are both backed-up onto a third drive everyday. My computer also backs up my entire photographic catalogue everyday and will notify me as soon as one of my 5 hard drives fail. Once this happens, I replace the hard drive and restore it from one of the other replica hard drives I have. In all, I like to be over cautious, as the other option is disastrous.


What happens if part of your equipment stops working?
This is quite possibly my worst nightmare. However, I do carry spares of everything – including a second camera. The most important thing is that I am prepared for it if it does happen. A bit like a car seatbelt; we have it on, but hope to never use it.


What do you wear to our wedding?
I like to be smart but comfortable and more importantly, flexible. The last thing I want is my trousers to split halfway through a ceremony! I normally wear chinos with a shirt and smart shoes. I will never turn up to a wedding in trainers and a t-shirt.


What deposit do you ask for?
To secure your booking with me, I ask for a 20% deposit and for you to fill out an online form agreeing to the terms and conditions that I will email over to you. You can pay by cheque or online bank transfer.


What do you need on the day?
Apart from happy smiley people, I do not need anything from you. I like to have another member of the party who can be my ‘go-to’ person if I do need anything. This can be an usher or a bridesmaid – someone who knows the majority of the guests. This way I do not need to bother you with any questions I might have.


Do you need us to supply a dinner for you?
Yes please! As I am with you all day and working my socks off, I would really appreciate a hot dinner, or the same as your guests, served at the same time as the wedding breakfast takes place. Thank you!!


Are the Free Wedding Photo Trial photos really free?
Yes! I do not ask for any money beforehand or for you to sign anything. You are not committed to booking me in anyway. I send you the photos with a large watermark on them and at a very low resolution so they can be emailed and you then have the chance to review the photos. Once you are happy, I then ask for you to fill out the online form agreeing to the terms and conditions and pay the 20% deposit. I will then resend the photos without any watermarks on and in the 4 versions I mentioned previously. Head over to my Free Wedding Photo Trial page to find out more.

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