Free Wedding Photo Trial

A completely free wedding photo trial session before you book... Yes really!

I’ve always wondered why it’s not a common thing to have a wedding photo trial before you book a photographer? Most brides will have hair and make-up trials and it's very common to have food tasting, so why not have a wedding photo trial?

If you are in any way worried about having your photo taken or think having your photo taken “is not for me”, then this is perfect. This 100% free wedding photo trial is a no obligation meeting designed so that you can ask me all the questions you have plus, you get to see how you look in my photographs. The best part is that I will send them to you before you book so that you are completely happy you are choosing the right person for your big day. It’s free engagement photos but without committing yourself to a photographer first so that you can make the right choice.

How the Free Wedding Photo Trial works

First, get in contact with me to find out if I am available for your big day. If I am, then we can arrange to meet to take some photos. I always say to meet somewhere halfway between us both but I do have regular spots where I meet couples. I am always on the lookout for new places so feel free to suggest somewhere new. Open spaces like parks or the countryside works well as it’s not very busy and there are lots of photo opportunities.

When we meet up, it’s very informal and relaxed. It’s more like a walk with some photos thrown in every now and then. Whilst we walk around, we can chat about your big day and you have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have.

We do a range of photos from the more relaxed candid ones to the little more posed ones. Don’t worry, I would never get you to do things I wouldn’t like to do; I am just as awkward and British when it comes to having your photo taken as you! I have put some photos on this page so you can see how photograph people - I like to think of them as relaxed engagement photos.

Once we are finished and you’ve realised it wasn’t as horrific as you thought it’d be, I get to work on your photos. I am pretty quick when it comes to editing and I will probably get your photos to you in about 48 hours, possibly less.

I send your photos to you (colour and black and white) in an email with a watermark over the top of each image for you to review. Once you are happy and are ready to book, I ask for a 20% deposit and for you to fill out an online booking form, which I will send you. Once everything is returned, I will resend the photos to you via online transfer without any watermarks on and in the 4 versions that you will also get your wedding photos in.

And it’s as simple as that. In the unlikely event that you are not happy, then you are free to walk away without any commitment to me.

Nearly every couple that book me, take advantage of this Free Wedding Photo Trial. However, you really don’t want the photos, then we can of course meet up for a cup of tea.

If you’re interested and would like to meet up to take advantage of this completely Free Wedding Photo Trial, then get in contact with me now!

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