Christopher Bell Photography is a wedding photographer based in Kent. Find out more about his wedding photography packages and pricing. Proud to be a Kent Wedding Photography Awards Finalist 2019 and 2020.

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Kent Wedding Photographer | Kent, UK


Hi, I’m Chris a wedding photographer in Kent. I live just outside of the beautiful cathedral city of Canterbury with my wife, 2 year old boy and an incredibly annoying cat.

My approach to weddings is very hands off so that I can capture your day in a natural and completely unobtrusive way. I don’t ask people to pose with one leg on a rock whilst staring into the distance, that’s not real life, or what your wedding day was actually like! Instead I get to know each couple I photograph so that I can get closer to the action whilst everyone is comfortable with me snapping away, even at the most tender of moments.

I pride myself on the ability to seamlessly go from the professional wedding photographer to blending in with your guests so that you don’t feel like the camera is always pointing towards you. You’ll often find me chatting away with the old ladies but with one eye always on the prowl for the next moment to capture.

Wedding Photography Services

I love documentary, reportage style wedding photography. Capturing those moments without people realising are the natural photos that I aim for and they are real memories. Of course I still photograph the formal family group photos that most people still want but what I love is walking around and try to retell your wedding day through a series of beautiful images.

I am very open and honest about everything I do and on this website, you can find information about virtually anything you could want to know. It’s pretty rare that I get asked a question that isn’t on here but if you do, contact me and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. I also upload about 200 photos from every wedding that I do so that you can get a real idea of what you can expect to receive from me.

When I got married back in 2013, both my wife and I found it incredibly annoying that for any supplier, you couldn’t easily find a price. Let’s be honest, weddings are expensive and pricing is high up on anyone’s list when choosing a supplier. This is the reason why you can find all my prices for the 3 packages that I offer. The 3 packages give something slightly different but from experience, I know that not every wedding is the same so if you are after something bespoke, get in contact with me and I will be more than happy to chat with you to make sure you are getting the perfect coverage for your big day.

Choosing something as important as your wedding photographer can be very daunting. You want to make sure that the person you decide on can take the photos you want and in the right style. I offer a ‘Try Before You Buy’ pre-wedding photo session. Almost every couple whose wedding I cover take advantage of this with some even using the photos on their guest invitations. It’s a completely free thing to do and if you’re not happy, you do not have to book me.

I have a pretty quick turnaround with most couples receiving their photos within 2 weeks. During the summer this can go up to my upper limit of 3 weeks but that is the longest you will have to wait to receive your photos from me.

The photos are delivered to you on a USB drive in 4 different versions – high and low resolutions, both in colour and black and white. In addition to this, I also upload the colour photos to a private online gallery so that you can share your album even easier with your friends and family. I grant you the licence to share and print your photos with friends and family as many times as you like so you don’t have to worry about any additional costs with me. What you pay for the package is the only cost.

Wedding Packages

My most popular coverage is the All Day package, which costs £850. However, for those wanting less coverage, typically for a small wedding, I offer a ceremony only package for £390.

The All Day - £950

What’s included:

  • Approximately 9 hours of coverage

  • 500 fully-edited photos delivered on a USB drive

  • Highlights slideshow

  • Private online gallery

  • All photos in colour, black and white, high and low resolutions

I typically start about 2 hours before your ceremony to capture your bridal prep. From there, everything and anything is covered up until around 8:30. I always stay for about 30-40 minutes after the first dance to capture a few party shots.

Essentials - £450

What’s included:

  • 1-2 hours of coverage

  • 50-70 fully-edited photos delivered on a USB drive

  • Formal group photos

  • Short couple portrait session

  • Private online gallery

  • All photos in colour, black and white, high and low resolutions

Normally, coverage starts around 30 minutes before your ceremony to capture guest arrivals. Your ceremony, formal family group photos and finally couple portrait session are all included within this package. This covers all the main points of your wedding.

Essentials+ - £650

What’s included:

  • 4 hours of coverage

  • Approximately 100-150 fully-edited photos delivered on a USB drive

  • Bridal prep

  • Wedding ceremony

  • Formal group photos

  • Short couple portrait session

  • Private online gallery

  • All photos in colour, black and white, high and low resolutions

This very flexible package can be started whenever you like however, most of the time, people opt for 2 hours bridal prep and then end after the ceremony with formal photos.

Try Before You Buy

When you are organising a wedding, you visit venues, go for food tasting and have hair and make-up trials. So why wouldn’t you have a trial with your photographer so that you know that you are 100% choosing the right person to capture the most important day of your life.

I offer a ‘Try Before You Buy’ photo shoot. This is a very honest and open way to meet me, see how I work and best of all, see what you look like in the photos I take. This all happens before you fill out any booking forms or pay a deposit and it doesn’t cost anything.

How it works is very simple. We meet up in a park or similar open space and whilst we walk around and chat about your big day plans, I take a few photos of you both. I have regular spots in Maidstone, Canterbury, Ashford and Whitstable but I am more than happy to meet somewhere new.

After the meet-up, I go away and edit your photos in the same way as I would for your wedding and you get to see all the photos in colour and black and white. I email them to you with watermarks on them and in low resolution so you can view them as soon as they land in your inbox.

Once you are happy, and I am sure you will be, all you have to do is give the go ahead and I will send over the all the information you need to confirm your booking with me. Once I receive the deposit and booking form, I will then resend your photos to you in the 4 versions your wedding photos come in and without any watermarks.

If you are interested, just get in contact with me and we can find a suitable date to meet up.

Booking Information

To secure your wedding date with me, all I ask for is for a 20% non-refundable deposit and for you to fill out an online booking form. Once the form is submitted, your date automatically gets added to my calendar and the date is secure as soon as you click submit.

To pay the deposit and when it comes to it, the final balance, you can either send a cheque or set up an online bank transfer. You can use whichever is easiest for you.

The final balance is due 4 weeks before your wedding date.

Before The Wedding

Once you have booked your wedding with me, there’s not much left to organise. I will be in contact about 2 weeks before your wedding and reconfirm all the information that was supplied at the time of the booking. Plans change and that’s completely fine, just let me know and I can amend my information.

I also need a list of the formal group photos that you would like, if any at all. I tell all the couples that book me that I recommend you have less than 10 group photos. Of course you can have as many as you like but from experience, that number works well with timings. Plus, guests can get bored of photos very quickly and tend to get drawn to the bar very easily! The list below works well and it suits most weddings, however no two weddings are the same so please use this a guide.

  • All guests

  • Bride’s immediate family (siblings and parents)

  • Groom’s immediate family

  • Both immediate families

  • Both extended families (aunties, uncles, cousins, etc…)

  • Bridesmaids

  • Groomsmen

  • Bridesmaids and groomsmen together


Once you have sent me the list, I will add it to the information I have and bring it along with me so I can tick it off as I go.

On The Day

This is a brief overview of what you can expect from me on the day as a Kent Wedding Photographer at your wedding.

Depending on the package you have chosen, I start up to 2 hours before your ceremony (All Day and Essentials+). I capture your bridal prep tears, laughs and hysteria without getting in the way of you and your bridal party. If you are getting ready at your venue, I will also walk around and photograph table decorations, the cake and all the small bits that make your day yours.

Once your guests arrive, I move between you and them to capture the excitement grow and also to see a few nerves from the groom. The Essentials package starts here.

Now at your ceremony, I photograph discreetly around the room or outside space so not to disturb or to attract attention away from you both. This part of the day seems to go so fast and soon we will be at your signing of the register.

You finally, after all the planning, walk back down as husband and wife! I give you time so that your guests can come and congratulate you before we start working through your list of group photos. Once they are taken, we can either go straight into the bride and groom portrait session or, if you would prefer, have a little drink and start them 15 minutes later. The Essentials and Essentials+ packages end here.

I now photograph all those natural moments of you and your guests in a candid, natural documentary style. I do this all throughout your wedding breakfast, speeches up to your cake cutting and first dance.

Now your party is really going and I continue to photograph for about another 30-40 minutes. Once I am happy with what I have got from your day, I say my goodbyes and leave you to enjoy the rest of the night with your guests – this is approximately around 8:30.

After Your Big Day

I usually start working on your photos within a few days so that they are fresh in my mind. I don’t like to over edit photos as the natural look can be lost this way and I very rarely use Photoshop. However, a common question I get is can you remove a spot if I have one on the day. Yes I can, don’t worry!

I like to get your photos back to you as soon as possible and the maximum time you will have to wait is 3 weeks, although most receive them within 2 weeks. I post your photos to you on a USB drive and it will contain 4 versions of each photograph – high and low res, both in black and white and full colour - and your highlights slideshow (All Day package only).

I upload your photos to my website and give you a password to access your private full gallery. This is an easy way for you to share your day with friends and family.


I grant you licence to print and distribute your photos to friends and family as many times as you wish! Guests do not have to come to me to pay for additional photos as you have all the versions to share. You can post them onto any social media accounts you use.

I remain the owner of all my images. The only restriction is that you are not allowed to use them commercially for any business, including guests. If another supplier wishes to use them, please direct them to me.

Wedding Photographer in Kent