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    Black and White Wedding Photography at Cooling Castle Barn

    Winter weddings can be difficult to photograph, as you always have to deal with low light. However, I think that the season really lends itself to black and white photography.

    Michelle and Pedro’s wedding at Cooling Castle Barn was right at the end of January a few weeks ago, meaning that for over half of their wedding, it was in low light conditions. I really enjoyed editing the black and white photos more than any other wedding I have covered and I'm pretty pleased with the outcome.

    Even though the bridal prep was during daylight hours, it was quite cloudy so the room wasn’t filled with light. I think for the most part, I like the colour ones here the more but there are still quite a few good black and white shots to be found.

    The day was actually the first day when the snow came along and it was freezing! Because of this, we had a shorter than normal portrait session as poor Michelle was very cold but she really wanted some outdoor photos of them both. The main album cover photo for their wedding on my website is my favourite. They are centre-frame, which doesn’t always look great, but the rustic gate they are behind with the horizontal lines sets them off perfectly.

    There’s one photo from their wedding breakfast that I actually put on Facebook that really got me. It was just Michelle walking around the room but because her head lines up perfectly with the tree centrepiece and again she is mid-frame, it just a nice photo to look at. I think it tells the story of the wedding day and you can get a feel of what the whole room was like right at that particular moment.

    Later in the evening we braved the sleet to grab a few sparkler photos, which normally don’t look that great in black and white, but the one below really stood out from the rest. I think because it’s in portrait gives the length that works so much better in black and white rather than colour.

    I must admit, most of the time I prefer colour photos but for me, the black and whites from this wedding just seemed so much better than the originals.

    If you would like to see more photos from this wedding, head over to my photos.

    Christopher Bell Photography is a wedding photographer based in Kent - serving Kent and surrounding Canterbury and Ashford. Find out more about his wedding photography packages and pricing. Kent Wedding Photography Awards Finalist 2019.

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