Christopher Bell Photography is a wedding photographer based in Kent. Find out more about his wedding photography packages and pricing. Proud to be a Kent Wedding Photography Awards Finalist 2019 and 2020.

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Kent Wedding Photographer | Kent, UK

    How to choose the right person to take photos for the biggest day of your life

    Choosing your wedding photographer can be a rather demanding and exhausting task! There are hundreds out there all offering different styles and prices that will promise to capture your day beautifully. So how do you choose that right person for your biggest day?

    The most common thing spoken about wedding photographers is price. Don’t assume that because they are £2,000 you are going to get someone who is so much better than the rest. On the other hand, because they are cheap and have a good website with expensive gear, they must know what they are doing isn’t necessarily correct. The old saying 'all the gear but no idea' comes to mind!

    My prices are on the good side of average with my All Day coverage costing £950.

    Have a look at their work and take time to visit every corner of their website. You can tell a lot from a website and the person just by seeing how well it’s thought through. I like to have an open and simple layout to my website with an FAQ section with the option to view about 200 photos from every wedding. I feel that having this gives couples all the information they need and also builds confidence.

    I would always be a bit wary of photographers who just select 20 images to post on a website as their work – remember that they are likely to be the best images they have to attract business. Any good photographer will show you in excess of 100 photos online to really showcase their work and regularly update them.

    There are many styles out there from quirky to traditional but remember that these are just words. Once again, have a look at their work so you become the judge on how to describe the photos you see. Photography is all down to opinion and taste. Some like the heavily edited photos with bright blue skies and vibrant colours, others just want to see their wedding day as it was with virtually zero editing.

    I don’t think I have eaten in a restaurant in the last 8 years without looking at reviews first. Testimonials can seem like they are almost too good to be true so finding a site like Google is a great way to read reviews as someone has actually written them.

    And finally, what are they like as a person? You don’t want to invite someone who you wouldn’t want at you wedding let alone take the photos of it?! Meet up with your photographer so you can get an idea of what they are like. Websites are great but they can be written to come across in a certain way and there is nothing like a face-to-face meeting to really get to know them.

    I offer a ‘Try Before You Buy’ photo session as a pre-wedding meet-up. This way not only do you get to meet me but you also get a chance to see the photos I take of you. If you are interested in what I offer, get in contact to see if I am available for your wedding.

    Christopher Bell Photography is a wedding photographer based in Kent - serving Kent and surrounding Canterbury and Ashford. Find out more about his wedding photography packages and pricing. Kent Wedding Photography Awards Finalist 2019.

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