Christopher Bell Photography is a wedding photographer based in Kent. Find out more about his wedding photography packages and pricing. Proud to be a Kent Wedding Photography Awards Finalist 2019 and 2020.

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    The Best Camera Equipment On The Market...In My Opinion

    Almost at every wedding I have covered there has been a fellow camera enthusiast as a guest. They normally come and find me to chat shop and ask about my gear that I use or for some advice. I love talking about it - think little boys with their toys!

    My current main camera is the Nikon D850. If you ever have the chance to use one, you will understand when I say it’s just an amazingly superb bit of kit, especially for wedding photography.

    One of the main reasons I use this camera is because of its brilliant low light capabilities, which at weddings, you can virtually guarantee, especially in a church. It can take images with incredibly low amounts of that grainy effect (technically called noise) you get with low light. Think about that grainy vision you get when you are in a very dark room and your eyes are trying to adjust and focus.

    My second camera is the Nikon D750. This is a great little thing that I have seen pros use as their main camera. It’s much lighter than the D850 and is great for hanging off my shoulder with a small lens on.

    Talking about lenses; I have 5 main lenses that I take to weddings. 2 zoom lenses with super fast focusing capabilities (have a look at the photo of the aeroplanes I took at a wedding which by chance flew over. From spotting it to photographing took under 2 seconds!) and I have 3 prime (fixed focal length) lenses - 28mm (wide angle), 50mm (all-rounder) and 85mm (portrait superstar).

    A combination of these lenses and my cameras mean that I can get the very best photos and capture those spare of the moment times without asking people to pose or do it again. This essentially is the key to documentary style photography and it I love it!

    Having a good set of flashes mean that you are prepared for anything that comes around. I normally have one stashed in my inside pocket of my jacket making me look like I have some kind of massive pacemaker! For the evenings, I use them in a variety of shots from the dance floor to the more creative photos outside.

    There's an old saying "that a good workman never blames his tools". Well I have nothing to hide behind! The gear that I have makes it very hard to get bad images and I put all my faith in the lumps of metal and glass that I carry.

    Christopher Bell Photography is a wedding photographer based in Kent - serving Kent and surrounding Canterbury and Ashford. Find out more about his wedding photography packages and pricing. Kent Wedding Photography Awards Finalist 2019.

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