Hayne House Wedding Photos : Katie and Jon

If you are looking for the full album for this wedding and have the password, follow the above link to view all the photos.

Katie and Jon got married in April 2022 at the wonderful Hayne House. They had a packed day and I thanks to the Harry from The Wedding Chaps putting on a real show, they received 638 photos from the All Day coverage.

I seem to be on a roll of really good weddings at the moment and this one at Hayne House for Katie and Jon is right up there. I worked alongside Katie Tulip videography at this wedding and we both had a great time covering their big day.

Katie and Jon were the very last people I saw on their Free Wedding Photo Trial outside of my household before the covid lockdown in March 2020. I distinctly remember thinking not shaking hands was really odd but we had a great time and they got some good photos.

Their postponed big day was finally here and they had the most amazing weather for it. It was warm in the shade and even warmer in the sun – I’ve been to colder summer weddings!

Katie and Jon are a really fun couple to be with and to be honest, photographing them was easy. It was an easy wedding to be at and and easy wedding to edit. At a venue like Hayne House combined with a couple like Katie and Jon, it was probably harder to take a bad photo than a good one.

It was another outside ceremony but with some brilliant entrance music (not sure anyone has entered with Star Wars music?!) and lots of emotion. It was a great wedding and I’ll say it again, they made taking photos easy for me.

After the ceremony and confetti shot, it was time for the group photos and a few of just Katie and Jon. We had a little walk around the grounds of Hayne House and because we had a few weeks of warm weather beforehand, all of the cherry blossom was out and it looked spectacular! Pleased to say it’s one of theirs and my favourite photos from the day.

Harry from The Wedding Chaps was there all day acting as a master of ceremonies and general silly game coordinator. I wish he was at every wedding as he got everyone going and really helped make the day even more special. He is the reason why I took so many photos simply because he made so much happen during the day. Check out the napkins in the air, hands on bums, Mr and Mrs game plus the cake cutting sword photos below.

The whole day was just really fun and it genuinely didn’t feel like I was working – living the dream!

Before I left I took them aside for one last photo up by the gazebo. It was a little too dark so the autofocus on the camera was struggling but we managed to get some of my favourites from the day.

It was a pleasure to be at Katie and Jon’s wedding and the same to edit. I wish them both all the happiness in the world for a long life together.

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