Marleybrook House Wedding Photos : Emma and Nathan

If you are looking for the full album for this wedding and have the password, follow the above link to view all the photos.

Emma and Nathan got married in September 2021 at Marleybrook House, which is about 9 miles outside of Canterbury. They had the All Day package and received 625 photos. You might be thinking that that is a lot more than the approximation of 500 on my prices page…read on and you’ll find out.

This was my first outing to Marleybrook House even though it’s a local venue for me here in Canterbury. Just a few weeks ago I didn’t know much about it but now, it has hit my top 5 wedding venues in Kent without doubt. Why so good I hear you ask? Well if a full-sized fairground isn’t top of the list, it sure is close up there. Imagine those travelling fairgrounds you see in parks around the country, it’s just like that with a mini-rollercoaster, dodgems, a few spinning things that make me sick, and then the more gentle fairground games.

The grounds are really well maintained meaning that all of this, on top of some great venue staff, puts it in my top 5 wedding venues. The gates, trees and building all make for great wedding photos and it makes my life easier too!

After their ceremony, they had possibly one of the longest confetti lines ever but this meant they got some great photos plus the obligatory ‘confetti directly into the eyeballs’ photo – usually thrown by someone who is actually quite close the bride and groom.

They had also brought along some smoke bombs for the group photo and a few for their couple photos. Getting those photos are actually quite tough to get as the autofocus in the camera basically stops working as it works on seeing contrast, so when there is loads of smoke, it just scrolls around looking for the focus point. I took quite a few and made sure they got some nice looking shots.

I don’t think I have ever changed my camera settings so many times at a wedding. Going from fast moving rides to smoke bombs then into first dance sure did put me through my paces to say the least! It was a great wedding and I wish Nathan and Emma a long a happy married life together!

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