The Old Kent Barn Wedding Photos : Natasha and Andrew

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Natasha and Andrew got married at Old Kent Barn in April 2022. They had the All Day package and received 562 photos.

I turned up to Old Kent Barn and immediately saw kilts in boxes. This usually means a few things… lots of drinking and a high chance of flashing, and not the kind of flashing a camera makes. Both were true but I can’t show some photos for obvious reasons, just trust me!

This was a fun wedding! There were times I wanted to put the camera down and join in but to be fair, they were all so nice, I was pretty much getting involved at times, especially with the ushers. £20 to run through that hedge anyone? That means nothing to the majority of people reading this, even Natasha.

The bridal prep room at Old Kent Barn is upstairs right in the eaves of the building. It looks great but for me being 6’1″, I am always catching my head on beams and trusses. It does though create some great shapes to work with and interesting angles.

One of the good things about this venue is that the men can get ready in the old building opposite the new barn. Most of the guys had never worn a kilt before so it was pretty funny watching them and grabbing some shots. They had also drunk a whole bottle of very nice whiskey – first guess correct.

This was my first outside ceremony of the year. It was a beautiful day and what a day to get married outside at Old Kent Barn. One of the reasons I like outside ceremonies with an open gazebo is I can just walk around the outside with the long lens on and get all the shots I need. I am not right up there but I can still zoom all the way in as there is loads of light and space. This also means I can get shots from the back which normally I wouldn’t be able to, not without pushing past the celebrant!

After the group photos, bride and groom shots, it was soon time for speeches and oh my word. The best man now has the title for the dirtiest speech I’ve ever heard. By the end, I really, like really felt like I knew them. Little did I know, it was about to get worse…

A little later on, we were outside doing some friends photos and my second guess came true. Alcohol and kilts…I’ll let you do the rest. But god did I laugh! With tears pouring down my face and not being able to hold the camera still very well at all, I snapped away. It was brilliant and I am genuinely laughing now writing this.

And just like that, the first dance happened and it was time for me to go. It was a great day and I am sure things were even better still later on.

Massive congratulations to Natasha and Andrew and if you want any larger enhancements, just let me know and I’ll bring along my microscope next time.

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